Sunday, August 8, 2010

cookies and cream ice cream

ice-cream again. hehe. i'm addicted on making ice-cream lately.. because making ice-cream gives me many left over egg whites so i can always learn how to make macarons (argh, i still talk about macarons until now). another reason why i love making ice-cream is just because ice-cream never lose its fans in my house.

cookies and cream is one of my favorite ice-cream flavor, i am so thankful now i can have it anytime i want. i am experimenting to create my favorite flavor of ice-cream this month, there will be lots of ice-cream recipe for August. i've stocked my fridge with litres of heavy cream. haha. however, non ice-cream people will still be able to enjoy other recipes. i've been planning to make bread, brulee, and some fruits dessert. i absolutely can't wait to make them all..

remember the burnt sugar ice-cream? i told you that maybe my ice-cream maker was broken, the fact is it wasn't broken. i just miscounted the time i should process my ice-cream so it hasn't finished its process when i froze them and i got the rough texture. today's ice-cream is really smooth and has a perfect texture. so grateful!

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream
makes 1L

4 egg yolks
1 cup sugar
1 cup heavy cream
1 cup milk
6 crushed chocolate sandwich cookies, do not remove the cream

  1. whisk egg yolks with half cup of sugar until smooth and pale (ribbon stage).
  2. while whisking, heat milk, cream, and remaining sugar in a medium saucepan over medium high heat until just below boiling point.
  3. pour the milk mixture over the egg mixture and whisk again to temper the yolks.
  4. pour the mixture back into the saucepan and cook until it reach 170 degree C or until it can coat the back of your spoon and leaves trace when you draw a line with your finger. remove from heat.
  5. stirring from time to time to prevent the skin from forming until it reach room temperature. chill overnight in fridge.
  6. process in your ice cream maker according to the manuals. add in the crushed cookies on half-time of the process. return the ice-cream into freezer for another 2-3 hours or until firm.
that's all i can tell you today, enjoy!
thanks for reading.. :)


  1. Mon..Mon...
    aku addicted makan es krim... sayangnya kita jauhan yooo....
    kalo tetanggaan enak nih, hihihihi

  2. Haaaaa.... aiskriiimm lagiiii...... Huhuhuhu... gak nahaaaaan T_T mauuuu

  3. @mbak deetha n tata: wahh, es krimku diserbu lagi.. hihihi. kalian memang penggemar berat es krim yah! hoho. sini aku sendokkin yang buanyak.. ;)


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