Saturday, May 15, 2010

coconut twigs

i had a leftover puff pastry sheet. it's easy to use some leftover pastry, you can turn it into a simple this and that. that's what i did today!
do you know that there's one e-magazine called dessert magazine? it's a really good magazine, and it's talking dessert! you can subscribe and enjoy every recipes they give inside. and let me tell you that their recipes are so tempting as well as the pictures. i'm sad for not took notes of last edition, so for this month's edition i would not miss that again. i already noted some recipes including this one i tried. it is actually meant to be served with tapioca soup, i skipped that part.

i have been always curious with how to make a granulated sugar coated pastry. the sugar hasn't caramelized yet, hasn't browned yet but it's somehow melt and stay in your pastry like little sparkling crystals. everytime i try to do that, i always make my sugar caramelized, browned, or even burnt. haha. thank God it's not happening too much today, just some of them and the others are saved from those bad effects. the others are crystalized beautifully..

my mother is a big fan of pastry, any kind of pastry, she's becoming so delightful if i bake puff pastry especially. she loves these cookies. however, i experienced a bit problem in my kitchen though, pretty confuse with my oven. i think it doesn't distribute the heat evenly so i can burn one side of the pastry while the other is still uncooked. ah, i don't know it's just confusing because of that i used my feeling only..

Coconut Twigs
from Desserts Magazine #14
yield 24 cookies

1 sheet puff pastry, chilled
1/2 cup shredded coconut, toasted
1/2 cup granulated white sugar

  1. sprinkle 1/4 cup sugar on cutting board. put puff pastry on top of sugar. sprinkle coconut onto half of the puff pastry sheet and fold the other half over the coconut. sprinkle remaining 1/4 cup sugar on top of puff pastry. roll with a rolling pin, until approximately 10"x12". trim edges to make a perfect rectangle.
  2. using the short end, cut 1/2" slices of pastry. you will end up with approximately 14 slices that are 9" by 1/2". lay onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and bake at 400 deg F until very golden brown.
easy as abc, isn't it? so what you're waiting for? make that soon.. it is tasty too.
anyway, thanks for reading, have a blessed day! :)

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  1. Lama tak mampir, kangen jugah aku maen dimari Mon... Ehm... kayaknya kudu beli oven baru lagi deh Mon, trus yang lama buat aku, biar aku bisa belajar baking hahahaha :D

  2. ahaha. sibuk ya ta? hwhw. wah, dpt oven yg ini aja perjuangannya panjang bgt ta.. haha ;p


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