Friday, July 4, 2014

Chocolate Marshmallow Pie

i am currently so busy doing my thesis and doesn't have any time to do anything much. i still bake, but not as much as last month or the last two months. and though i already ran my business in custom decorated cakes, i completely restrain my self from taking any orders 'til aug 4. i don't want to end up failing either my thesis or my business, so i sacrifice one of them for now :( what about blogging? i still post today yeay! i'll show you chocolate marshmallow pie today, this is however could be considered as late post.

i was requested to make this chocolate pie few months ago for a sunday school services, the order was 125 pcs, and i have some leftover to keep. it was actually just an ordinary basic pie crust, filled with chocolate ganache (with a dash of cinnamon), and topped with mini marshmallow. i ever thought of putting a little more marshmallow on top of the ganache and torched them, but then i felt like i shouldn't overdosed those little children with sugar. it looks prettier with just one marshmallow anyway, i guess. this one is a very practical dessert and easy to love as well.. you can even make it faster using store-bought shortcrust pastry and just fill it with ganache.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Japanese Cheesecake

this cake has to have its own fans club. every time i make this cotton soft japanese cheesecake, i've never met anyone who complained about anything in it. i bet you all have eaten japanese cheesecake and probably have already noticed the difference between it and the typical western cheesecake which is so dense, so creamy and so rich in taste. this one gives you some lightness but didn't miss any single cream cheese flavor in it, it also has the slight tangy flavor that comes from just a little lemon juice.

the best part of this cake is definitely the texture and the cheesy flavor that comes in sort of creamy-but-not-heavy taste. without feeling bias about my relationship with lemon flavor, i do feel that we ultimately need to add the lemon juice even when the recipe calls for just 1 teaspoon of it. the lemon juice brings out the balance of this cake and enhance the flavor depth of the cream cheese. truth be told, this is not an easy cake to make for me because i always failed on making this before. the key is to make sure you whip the egg whites firmly enough (soft peaks) as the recipe asks, then fold the peaked egg whites into the egg yolk-cheese mixture carefully so that the egg white doesn't lose its volume.

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