Tuesday, August 9, 2011

indonesian thousand layer sticky cake - kue pepe

hello readers, start from this month, i will give you a special monthly treat. what is it? it's indonesian traditional sweets. actually this is supposed to be a monthly event between me and TaBon, but she will give you the indonesian traditional foods while i do the desserts. this indonesian sweets post will be featured on the beginning of every month. and here come the first one! yay!

this kue pepe (read: coo-way peppay) has two original version, with more sago flour or with more rice flour. the difference is if using more sago flour you'll end up having a more elastic and transparent layers but chewy as well. on the other hand, if you use more rice flour, you'll end up having easier-to-tear-layers, but not chewy. my father and my grandma prefer the rice flour versions, while i personally love the sago flour versions. why? because it reminds me of my childhood.

when i was little, i used to be given this kue pepe by either my mom or dad whenever they visited traditional cake seller. and i love the color of this cake: chocolate, white, topped with red. always always always love the slightly thicker red one. but my most favorite part of this cake is eating it, up until now whenever i eat this cake, i eat it layer by layer , i always separate each layer and stretch it into a long ribbon before putting it in my mouth. lol. i just love this habit and i want to share it with all of you. i hope my habit will become contagious to all of you whenever you eat kue pepe.

Kue Pepe

400 ml coconut milk
2 pandan leaves
1 tsp salt
150 gr sago flour
75 gr rice flour
100 gr sugar
1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp red food coloring


  1. grease a small loaf pan with a little oil . preheat the steamer.
  2. sift sago flour and rice flour into a medium bowl, add in sugar.
  3. heat coconut milk with pandan leaves and salt. bring to almost boiling point. remove from heat, let cool slightly.
  4. gradually pour coconut milk into the dry ingredients little by little, whisking continuously. mixture should be very smooth and light, not heavy.
  5. pour 200 ml of the batter into a measuring cup. sift cocoa powder, add into the measuring cup. whisk until smooth and mixture become evenly colored.
  6. using a laddle, pour the plain mixture into the loaf pan, make sure you make a very thin layer. steam for about 3 minutes. then pour the same amount of the chocolate mixture into the pan using a laddle as well. steam for another 3 minutes, and keep doing the same thing until all the chocolate batter run out.
  7. laddle the last white mixture with the same amount as the previous layers, steam for another 3 minutes. reserve the remaining white batter, add in red food coloring and stir until evenly colored. pour the red batter on top of the cake, steam for another 30 minutes.
  8. remove from heat. take out the pan from the steamer, let cool slightly for about 10 minutes. loosen the sides of the pan, take out the cake and put on a wire rack. let cool completely.
  9. once the cake has cooled completely, trim the edges, slice and serve.
now you've read the recipe, care for a try?
tell me what do you think.. 
thanks for reading everyone!
have a superb day!


  1. Momon.... Really sorry for coming soooo late. Dikejar garis mati nulis main issue trus mamaku masuk rumah sakit Mon, tapi alhamdulillah beliau dah sembuh sekarang dan aku bisa menunaikan kewajiban posting resep hehe. Love this post Mon, kalo ditempatku umumnya pake yang banyakan rice flour nya. Trus lapisnya tuipis2 bgt gitu, sampek aku dan teman2ku suka nyebutnya lapis ratusan (terinspirasi iklan wafer tango, karena jumlah lapisnya yang banyak dan tipis2 :D)

  2. Momon, exactly on August 18 last year. I posted of kue pepe to celebrate Indonesian independence day and I used beet juice to dye the cake instead of "chemical" food colouring. My recipe was enhanced with kaffir lime leaves and pandan as well. It has more flavour than the one without.

    However, I didn't have enough patience as you did. I didn't layer in very small spaces. Mine only contained four layers. Well done, Momon! :)

  3. Wow looks amazing! Like it a lot, looks really pretty!!


  4. @Jen: thanks Jen.. :) i feel satisfied with the layers as well.. lol.

  5. @tabon: ahaha. akhirnyaaa, qta post jg nih Ta our first event. :D hahaha. iya, papa ku jg lbh suka yg rice flour krn beliau udh kebiasa makan yg dr jatim jg ta.. haha. tp ak yg gede di jakarta ini lbh sering dijejelin yg betawi version yg pake sagu. hahaha. jdnya lidahnya udh kebiasa sm yg sagu.. awal2nya aku bikin yg rice flour, tp malah berasa aneh. hahahaha.

  6. @mbak pepy: thanks Mbak! :) i look for many recipes of this kue pepe and i checked yours too actually. hahaha. you should know that i make this kue pepe 3 times and the last one is the one that really satisfy me. the first one i make consists of very thick layers and everybody protested me. so i have to repeat it again and again until finally achieve this thickness. haha. thanks for visiting Mbak!

  7. @Val: thank you for your kindness Val.. :) i'm not very happy with the pictures though. :(

  8. Monica!! I was on holidays, and now i'm on vacation, i am actually in Mauritius since last saturday! And i am coming back to Spain next sept 12th. And don't worry we're all curious haha


  9. Hai, mbak Momon....nice to meet you. i like this Kue Pepe that i loved to eat it with grated coconut hehehehe and i hear that you would make some foodie program with mbak Tata Bonita... I will waiting for it month by month hihihihihi Caiyoooo!!!!!

  10. @Mbak Oen: halo Mbak.. :) nice to meet you too.. wow, i think it will be nice to eat it with grated coconut, maybe i should try it one day. yeaayy! glad to know that someone will be waiting for our event.. thank you Mbak Oen!


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