Wednesday, February 10, 2010

rainbow chiffon cake

i am on my holiday now! yihiii.. as usual i've planned to bake this and that, but today is chiffon cake. rainbow chiffon cake to be exact. this recipe i got from Mbak Arfi Binsted, go visit her wonderful blog, it's very tempting. this recipe is in her post called 'Chiffon Rainbow Cake'.

this is my first time baking chiffon, it's not perfect of course. the skin which has to envelope the cake torn apart everywhere since i'm just one impatient girl (have to get rid of it soon). next time i'll do my best to make them stay. at first i also didn't have any idea about how i should use my chiffon tin, but really KBB does help me, whenever i have a question they will always answer me. and now here i am making my chiffon quite well, thanks for them! and now i fall in love with chiffon cake.. i promise you all the readers out there i'll bake another chiffon. 

another thing which happen is that i didn't use any paste. i just used food coloring and mommy complained. she said i was a bit extreme on putting them into the batter. haha. i also made it half recipe because i don't have large chiffon tin.

okay, i guess enough for today's report.. see you in a few days later. thanks for reading! :)

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  1. loyangnya kelihatan lebih tipis dari loyangku ya Mon. pake berapa cm ini? cantik jadinya, langsing gitu.

  2. halo mbak.. waduh, aku nggak tau pastinya ukuran berapa sih, mbak. tp yg pasti jauh lebih kecil dr 20cm. kayanya standar loyang chiffon mini deh. ini aja aku bikin stgh resep msh bleber2 gt.. hehe.


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