Wednesday, February 3, 2010

cherry layered jelly

february has finally come! the month of love. hehe. well, not literally, since we have to spread love everyday everymonth, don't us? but actually for me personally, this year's february has some important events to celebrate like Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day, and alsoo.. i'm finishing my first semester of college which means i'll be on holiday again. haha.

so, since Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day are coming soon and they are going to happen on one same date, February the 14th. i have prepared what i'll make that day from now. hahaha. actually the jelly (jigglers as it said, you know what i used?) was something i made for experiment. preparation. tester. but it is delicious really delicious and i am very tempted with the color and really teased to take photos of them. yeah, typical colors of Valentine and Chinese New Year, shade of pink and red. although i know the color is artificial and unhealthy, but i think it's fine for some time in your life to eat that. my mommy and daddy are actually really strict with kind of artificial color, artificial flavor, and the other artificial-artificial things. but okay, once a year won't kill us right? hehe. :p

Cherry Layered Jelly

red layer:
1 package 3-oz cherry flavor gelatin
2 cup boiling water

pink layer:
1 package 3-oz cherry flavor gelatin
2 cup milk

  1. prepare 8 serving cups.
  2. make the pink layer: heat milk and the cherry gelatin in a saucepan. stir continuously, heat until just slightly boil. remove from heat. pour into each of the cups until they reach 1/4 cup.
  3. freeze the first pink layer on the refrigerator. while let the remainder warm and stir some time.
  4. once you saw the pink layer has sit in the refrigerator. make the red layer: boil the water with gelatin. remove from heat. pour into the top of each pink layer until they reach 1/2 cup.
  5. follow the third step again and continue layering until you run out of the gelatin.
  6. refrigerate until you want to serve them. serve with whipped cream and candied fruit.
you saw the pictures, haven't you? if maybe some of you are curious to know what candied fruit i used, i don't know too. hahaha. i just used what's in my refrigerator. i don't like candied fruit either, it was mom's. but i just like the shade, they match my jelly. hehe. i guess it's enough for the post today, i'm signing off people..

thanks for reading! :)

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  1. hmmm yummy
    boleh minta cicip gak ?
    heheh salam kenal nik?


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