Wednesday, October 19, 2011

dadar unti / rolled crepes with coconut stuffing

hello again.. with a new post for this week. this is my entry for this month's IFP. so happy for hosting this event with Tata Bonita. what come to our surprises is that many-many people has joined and submitted their entries to our IFP's email ( we are very lucky and also grateful for all of your supports. please join us again next month? my entry for this month is dadar unti or as i've stated above rolled crepes with coconut stuffing. it was one of my favorite traditional kuih. however, it is getting harder to choose what kind of sweets to make for IFP, because i have tons of sweets i want to make. 

dadar unti is quite simple to make. you just have to prepare the stuffing which can be made ahead, then just make pandan crepes, simple and lovely. my dadar unti doesn't come to its perfection though, i made the crepes to thick and i think there must be something wrong with my way of folding the crepes. it's not like what i used to eat. maybe it will be better if i cooked it the right way. so, how about if you try to make some dadar unti at your place and tell me how yours turn out?

Dadar Unti
adapted from Femina Cook Book Series - Indonesian Dishes and Desserts
serves approx. 20 stuffed crepes

250 gr all purpose flour
1/4 tsp salt
2 eggs
375 ml coconut milk
50 ml suji leaves extract (20 suji leaves pounded together with some water and squeezed)

1/2 coconut flesh, grated
150 gr palm sugar
2 pandan leaves
125 ml water
pinch of salt


  1. crepes: sift the flour and salt in a bowl. make a well in the center and break the eggs in. stir in the batter while gradually adding coconut milk slowly. make sure there are no flour granules remaining. finally, add the suji extract and beat well.
  2. heat an omelette or crepe pan and butter it. pour in a ladleful of the batter and quickly tilt the pan so the batter will evenly coat the pan. stack up each finished crepes separated by parchment paper.
  3. stuffing: add all the ingredients in a medium saucepan. cook the mixture, stirring continuously until all the liquid has evaporated and the mixture is fairly dry. remove from the heat.
  4. assembling: put 1 tbsp of the stuffing in the center of each crepe. fold over and tuck the ends under neatly. serve.
so, i guess that's all for today's post. i hope you enjoy it.. :)
thanks for reading anyway!
have a very nice day!


  1. Momooooooooonnnn... *jitak sama cubiiitt dulu, mannaaa logonyaaa??? T________T

    Btw, your first photo has made me melted... Very nice presentation of Dadar Unti and I like the green cup and saucer :D. Yeah I can see the thick crepes hehehe, but the sweet stuffing make 'em look no problemo hehe ^^. Cekidot imel ya...

  2. oh iyaaa taaaa.. lupaa! hahaha. ak udah baca email drmu.. :) tunggu reply drku yaa..

  3. aduh, enak banget......... yummy yummy.
    fotonya cakep.. blognya bagus dan informatif.
    pingin bikin kue ah... bisa ga ya?
    pabrik baju anak

  4. monaa.... aku mau nanyaaa.. eehehehe..
    aku lg di jkt nih ya critanya, dirimu kl blanja bahan2 kue,alat2 gt dmn sih? di pasar tradisional?hehehe di dket rmh ada yg ingredients itu ya deket warung tekko. kyny lumayan lengkapkah? tp blm sempet kesana daku..
    aku jg pingin food blogging nih monnnaaaa. hehehe. tp blm sempet. trs di rumah yg skrg aku ngekos ga ada oven. -.-" hehehe. .jd beyom mulai deh.
    mauu dadar unti nyaaaa.... nyam. :)

  5. @Kaos Keluarga: makasiihh.. :) pasti bisa donk, ayo dicoba.. :)

    @Rini: aku jg klo belanja yg khusus2 di ingredients kok rin.. lumayan lengkap di situ, tp dgr2 ktny harganya lbh mahal dr pasarannya. klo bahan2 yg simple n bs didapet di supermarket, biasa beli di supermarket. klo loyang baru deh di pasar.. haha. beli oven sederhana aja rin di sana :D, jd bs cepet2 food blogging jugaaa! :D hihihi


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