Saturday, October 17, 2009


yihii, holiday comes again! hahaha. after experiencing a terribly long holiday that starts from may until last september, which is enough to make me used 4kg butter for making different types of cakes and other sweet dishes. this week my college gives me another break although just for 6 days, but that's enough to play in the kitchen! hihi. actually i also can bake and cook in other days, but sometimes i'm just too tired if it is not weekend, and if it is on weekend, sometimes i forgot to buy some storage or i just want to go somewhere or sleep.. haha. because as far as i know cooking and baking needs mood in it otherwise it will not satisfy us, so it's better for me not to experimenting on my flour, sugar, milk, and other yummy stuff if i'm not completely have my passion on baking/cooking that day. :)

so today, i've planned to make some dishes in this week that hopefully can turn out very well:
  1. Taiwanese Cheesecake
  2. Floss Bread
  3. Shrimp Curry Muffin
  4. Bitterballen

let's see how it'll become on my next post, okay? see yaa..

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