Sunday, January 30, 2011

KBB#21: Creme Brulee

amazing is the challenge of KBB. i kept wondering why each KBB's challenge that comes up every month always match my baking-plan. when they gave me macarons' challenge, i was in a really curious thought of macarons. and also the bangket's challenge, that time i was also planning to make bangket. and now, Creme Brulee. you know that's my favorite dessert of all time and i've made a twist with it before but i haven't got the chance to post the original one on my blog for you. when i was thinking of making it and show it to you, the KBB's challenge came.

this Creme Brulee's recipe comes from the mighty Jamie Oliver, it must be a very nice one. however, this recipe still isn't the original of creme brulee. it still bottomed with strawberry coulis. the original part of this recipe is that it really has the real custard mixture not like the previous one with creme fraiche. if you look at my previous brulee post and compare it to the brulee i made this time, you'll see that i was pretty generous sprinkling the sugar this time. a thick layer of granulated sugar on top. ha ha. at first i thought it would be more beautiful to burn but i think i was wrong. maybe it would be more beautiful when it's burnt using a blowtorch but not using a preheated grill. but, due to the thicker layer of sugar, the burnt sugar become crispier and i love the contrast of it with the custard. see the picture below, marvelous isn't it?!

i tried modifying this recipe by adding matcha powder to the custard mixture too and it was sensational. green tea and cream never fail me. it tastes like green tea latte, i love it. too bad, i just don't have it pictured for you. but in the end, i like the vanilla more than the green tea. i think the smell of vanilla and gooey custard i first tasted before still lingers and stays in my mind clearly and i just couldn't fall for another taste. interested on making some? come come, it's Jamie Oliver's recipe!

Creme Brulee
from Jamie Oliver, The Naked Chef 2
serves 6

300 gr fresh rhubarb
3 tbsp caster sugar
2 vanilla pods
300 ml double cream
200 ml full fat milk
8 egg yolks
80 gr sugar

  1. preheat the oven to 140 degree C.
  2. roughly slice up the rhubarb and place it in a pan with the caster sugar and 5 tbsp of water. simmer until tender, divide between 6 small serving dishes which your brulee will be cooked in, then set aside.
  3. score the vanilla pods lengthwise and run the knife up the pod to remove the vanilla seeds. scrape these into the pan with the pods, cream, and milk and slowly bring to the boil.
  4. meanwhile beat together the yolks and the sugar in a bowl until light and fluffy. when the cream and milk are just boiling, remove the vanilla pods and add little by little to the egg mixture, whisking continuously. remove any bubbles or froth from the mixture before dividing it into the serving dishes, on top of rhubarb.
  5. stand these in an appropriately sized roasting tray filled with water half way up the containers, and bake in the preheated oven for around 25 minutes until the custard mixture has set but is still slightly wobbly in the center.
  6. allow to cool to room temperature then place in the fridge until ready to serve. sprinkle with sugar and caramelize under a very hot grill or using a kitchen blowtorch.
what happened in my kitchen?
  • i replaced the rhubarb with strawberries in the same amount. you know there's no rhubarb here in Indonesia, pity me.

so that's all for KBB's challenge this month.
thanks for reading, have a very blessed day! :)


  1. Ting tong....
    Mon, creme brulee 1, kirim ke kosku, yo...

  2. Mon Mon Mon, aku orang kampung, gak pernah makan beginian, rasanya gimana sih? Wkwkwwkwk...

  3. @mbak deetha: haloha mbakyu, kosmu dimana? bsk2 tak pos ksana.. hehe. udah di jakarta lg ya mbak? ak jg mau donk dikirimin mknan enakmuuu.. ;;)

  4. @tabon: eh tataaa, malang msh kota kalii.. haha. rasanya kyk es krim vanilla ta tp anget, trus teksturnya kyk pudding. hoho. enakk! km cobain bikin deh kpn2.. atau mau dikirimin jg kyk si mbak deeth? hahaha

  5. berasa banget nih krauk-krauknya si karamel nya..
    kirim satu juga kesini yaaaa... :D

  6. eh si teteh.. hehe. iya, krauk2 bgt, gara2 ak nggak berani pk blowtorch :( klo pake blowtorch pasti lbh bagus kali ya teh hasilnya.. yah, minta dikirimin, org di rmhnya teteh aja ada yg lebih maknyus creme brulee nyaa.. hihihi


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