Friday, November 26, 2010

KBB#20: Kue Bangket

hello guys.. wew, i feel like it's been so long already that i haven't do any KBB task. to be honest it seems like i haven't been in the kitchen for quite some times. reason: mid term test. yeaah, 2 weeks full of tests. it hasn't finished yet though, the last is on next Monday. how pathetic life can be, huh?

this is this month's edition, traditional biscuits. this traditional biscuits named Kue Bangket, it was originally come from Sumatera. i think there are so many variations of Kue Bangket itself. the one i made is Bangket Susu (Milk Bangket) and Bangket Rempah (Spice Bangket). in this month's challenge, KBB works together with NCC, what a really perfect pair they are (don't you think so?). it was said that in both mailing list, they got some sort of 'Bangket-Fever'. haha. anyway, this is just another fun challenge KBB giving me and i really enjoyed making those vintage Bangket.

Bangket's main ingredient is tapioca starch. there are many flavors of them; peanut, milk, spice, chocolate-dipped, ginger, vanilla, lime, and so on you can name it. it's very simple to make, no need to use any fussy equipment, even a pair of your hands is enough to make it. the only part that i think was quite difficult to do is the shaping part. you know i'm not a quite patient person and i messed them all up for few times. the Spice Bangket was easier to make because it hold its shape better than the Milk Bangket. to make the long story short, i can jump up to the conclusion that maybe some of you have been wondering. does this biscuits taste good? hmm, according to my liking, i prefer the Milk Bangket however some people say it was too sweet. but, i couldn't say i really like the Spice Bangket (my mom does), i'm not a massive-fan of spice.

Bangket Susu

500 gr tapioca starch
100 gr margarine
150 gr powdered sugar
75 ml sweetened condensed milk

  1. toast tapioca starch with pandan leaves (i used 2 leaves) until the leaves look crisp and dry. remove from heat, let cool until reach room temperature.
  2. mix all the ingredients together. shape the mixture using a biscuit mold (i used chocolate pralines' mold).
  3. bake in 140 degree C oven for about 10 minutes.
  4. let cool on the baking tray, move them gently after it cools down.
Spice Bangket

175 ml coconut milk
1 cinnamon quill
3 whole cloves
1 cardamom pod, squashed
1/2 nutmeg, bruised
1 lemon grass, bruised
150 gr dark palm sugar
50 gr powdered sugar
50 gr ginger, grated
100 gr margarine
500 gr tapioca starch, toasted
1 egg yolk

  1. boil coconut milk with dark palm sugar and all spices. sieve and let cool.
  2. beat margarine, powdered sugar, and egg yolk until fluffy.
  3. beat in the flour, mix until incorporated. add in the coconut milk mixture, mix well.
  4. shape the mixture using biscuit mold (i used chocolate pralines' mold).
  5. bake in 150 degree C oven for about 20 minutes. 


  1. Host berkunjung nih..:) Mau is\cip2. Fotonya canteek...sip..sip..sip..

  2. wah, paling rajin euy.....setoran nomer 1 mba...ngeces ama bangket susunya mba...

  3. @mbak amy: halo ibu host, rajin amaat dikau berkunjung 1-1.. ada 70an member bukannya? hehehe. makasih ya mbak, dah ngehost dan bikin round up yg kece.. hihii. :D

    @mbak santi: hehe. iya mbak, kmrn mau ujian soalnya jd buru2 kerjain krn takut nggak keburu.. pny mbak santi jg bangket susunya bikin ngeces! :D

  4. Iya nih...habis penasaran pas round up kan cuma baca deskripsi aja. Berkunjungnya dicicil aja, ngiler lihat kue yang macem2 n foto yang cantik2...:)

  5. Dear Mbak Monica,
    Salam kenal ya. Blog ini keren sangat. Bangketnya menggoda, jadi pengen nyicipin nih.

  6. mbak shirley, makasih yaa.. :)
    aku msh pemula inii, dibandingin mbak yg udh lebih lama pasti lebih brpengalaman.. hihi

  7. hi monica.. ma acih ya udah jadi yg pertama dan photo2nya cantik2 banget deh.... cheers..

  8. halo mbak pipiet, hehe. iyaaa, sama2 ya mbak, makasih juga udh rela ngehost-in qta2 semuaa. :D


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