Tuesday, March 2, 2010


hi everyone, it's March already.. how fast? my holiday's over now.. :(
today, i'm trying to bake perfect macarons again.. well, still imperfect though. hehe. but at least, i've got their feet! yay! i can see them today.. i was so happy, but unfortunately the surface aren't smooth. if you think it's cracked, it's not cracked either. haha. it's wrinkled! strange wasn't it? haha. but never mind.. sure i'll make a better one next time..

referring to what i've read in KBB's blog before, about perfect macarons and how it should be and how to bake them well, i can make a conclusion today. my macarons are in the right texture, i guess so and i hope so.. it's a little chewy and smooth inside, crispy outside.

anyhow, i won't post any recipe today since the macarons haven't turned out perfectly. but when i have made them perfect, i'll post the recipe.. actually it's not really different with the one i made before, you can see it on my Parisian Macaroons post.

and for the filling, i just used my leftover dark-chocolate and melt them in a double boiler. a perfect combination for the sweetness of the macarons. i don't know why but nowadays i don't really like sweets as much as before..

out of this macarons' topic, i have already got my list for what foods i'll make this month. this month, my mom will celebrate her birthday and i really hope i could bake her one of her favorite cakes. teehee!

well, i think enough of the talk today, thanks for reading and see you on the next post..
have a great March, people! :)

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