Monday, July 19, 2010


another hi..
i made brownies yesterday. i suddenly wanted to indulge my self with chocolate. rich one. this brownie could satisfy me of course.

jakarta's weather isn't so friendly lately. no, not about the heat but the rain and humidity. i hate this as i can't get fairly enough light for taking pictures and also kind of interfering my project with egg whites. traffic's jamming heavier everywhere makes me really hard to go outside and have some fun with my friends. anyhow, let's not talk about the rain here. i was meant to talk about brownies, this beautiful brownie.

i got this recipe from my cookbook, old one. brownie somehow makes my mood a little lighter in this weather, it's really funny how chocolate can sooth you anytime. brownie eaten with a glass of milk are also nice, though. have it in the morning and you'll have a wonderful day, don't you think so? i should do that more often. i have to admit that i'm not feeling so good these past days, something's bothering me. that something is connected with a biscuit, famous one right now. i just have not made it perfect. i'm stressed out here! i really should tame it before August. but i think, it's another business for another post. i'll tell you the details by the end of this month. let's enjoy the brownie first.

Walnut Brownies
modified from 'Cooking Class Cookbook'

2 squares (1 ounce/ 28 gr each) bittersweet chocolate, coarsely chopped
1/4 cup butter or margarine
1 large egg
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup all purpose flour
1/4 tsp salt
3 ounces chocolate chips
1/4 cup coarsely chopped walnuts

  1. preheat the oven to 350 deg F (180 deg C). Grease a medium brownie pan; set aside.
  2. melt the bittersweet chocolate and butter in a double boiler just until the butter melted, stir constantly until chocolate melted and evenly incorporated with the butter. set aside.
  3. beat egg in a large bowl with electric mixer at medium speed for 30 seconds. gradually add granulated sugar, beating at medium speed for about 4 minutes until very thick and lemon colored.
  4. beat in chocolate mixture and vanilla. beat in flour and salt at low speed just until blended, do not overmix. fold in the chocolate chips and walnuts with spatula. pour the batter evenly into prepared pan.
  5. bake 30 minutes or until edges just begin to pull away from sides of pan and center is set. remove pan to wire rack and cool completely before removing the cake out of the pan.

that's all for today fellas! good day and thanks for reading! :)


  1. haloo MOn,
    gmn Jakarta? g banjir kan? hihihi

    Bronis..bronis.. aku suka baunya waktu dipanggang, tp g terlalu suka makannya..hihihi
    depan rumahku ada pabrik bronis 2 biji, jadi aku udah kenyang sama bau2an bronis :)

  2. hai mbak, nggak banjir sih, tp lembabnya ampun dehh.. cuacanya lg kacau banget.. huhu.

    wah, syg banget mbak, pdhal br mau kukirim ke semarang nih.. hihi. ;p

  3. Huwaaaah.... guwe kemaren2 juga sampe kenyang "diracunin" makan bronis Mooon....... temen2 ngantor banyak yang pada ultah dan ntah kenapa mereka pada gak kreatip pada bawa brownis smuaaaa huwahahaha *gak tau bersukur nih!*. Iya nih, tak tau kenapa ada apa dgn cuaca? Guwa beberapa hari ini tepar *mangkanya gak bisa ngeblog* dikalahin sama yg namanya udara dingin kota Malang yg gak bersahabat :(

  4. hehe. halo taa, ak malah udh lama kayaknya ga makan jd bikin.
    km sakit apaa? hmm, yg penting udh sembuh skrg, cuaca di sini udh lumayan lurus sih ta. hoho. km di malang msh dingin?

  5. Eh, coba deh lo pindah ke malang hehehe. Air aja rasanya mak ces, apalagi udara sore... menusuk-nusuk, huehehehe... Alhamdulillah dah baikan, tapi kalo sore masih sering idung buntet2 :D


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