Thursday, August 9, 2012

June - July 2012 IFP Round Up

hello guys, this time we will see another IFP round up from June 2012 until July 2012.. we didn't receive as much entries as previous months this time. but it will still makes us crave for some! so, without taking too long, let's see those beautiful foods..

this is probably the easiest to find dish in Indonesia, most of the Indonesian Restaurant have this dish on their menu. it is Sayur Asem, various veggies cooked in sweet and tangy clear soup. it has lots of ingredients on the recipe which make this dish become richer in flavor. click here to see what those ingredients are.. 

the next entry comes from Mbak Dwek, she made Gembus Goreng. i am quite familiar with this snack, and i love eating it especially with chili padi. it makes a wonderful mid day snack. check the recipe here..

another entry comes from Mbak Tika, she always produces delicious foods and beautiful photos at the same time. she made Indonesian Rice Pudding, which will be perfect for our moslem friends to have it on iftar in this fasting month. wow, seeing those rice pudding makes me wanting to try the recipe soon..

Indonesia also quite known for its traditional satay and we have many variants of it. one of them is this Sour Beef Satay. this food still comes from Mbak Tika, she also post this for Indonesian Food Blogger Challenge, so if you're interested to know more about the satay or the event, check her blog..

this dish is also my family's favorite, growing up with my father who comes from East Java makes me fond of this ingredient called petis. some people love it, some people hate it. but i like it.. :) we usually made sauce from petis just like this Tahu Petis, the petis sauce is drizzled over the fried tofu which adds more depth to the tofu flavor. curious about this petis? see more of it here..

teehee! another interesting dessert or traditional Indonesian cake. it's Klepon Ubi Ketan Hitam, almost looks like mochi but it was made from glutinous rice flour, and this one is uniquely made from black glutinous rice flour. mostly filled with gula melaka or palm sugar. but Mbak Ika made it with some cheese stuffing as well.. looks so delish and i'm really curious with the aftertaste! really want to try this..

this one is also my favorite, Tumis Pare Teri. my mom usually make this super spicy so it will become more delicious. hahaha. this dish is made from dried anchovies with bitter melon, they're sauteed together with chili paste and it will be so fragrant and deliciously eaten with a bowl of warm rice. yum! check it out!

[photos will soon be attached]
now comes the entry from Tata Bonita, as all of you have known, she is my beloved partner on hosting this IFP event. and this time she made Nasi Pecel with Sambal Kemangi. sounds delicious.. to find out more about this dish, please check her blog here.. :)

and the last is mine, i made the Chocolate Steamed Brownies, which was a hit for previous years in Bandung. you can see my complete post here..

so, it's all wrapped up for this June-July IFP. please join us for this August - September IFP by submitting your post and URL via email to if you're looking for more information, click here.

Much Love, 
Monica Adriana

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