Sunday, September 18, 2011

putu ayu

hellow! i am back again with good news! tee-hee.. wait for it okay! anyway, this cake called putu ayu (read: poo-too a-yoo) is also my entry for this month's Indonesian Food Party, a monthly event held by me and my dearest TaBon! :) check out what she has made for this month. last month, we have made kue pepe and quail egg satay. and also if you are interested for joining this event with me and TaBon, just post it and tell us. this event is opened for anybody anywhere, we'll be delighted with your indonesian food entry.

so let me introduce you to this cake, this sweet and beautiful cake to be exact. this is my very first time making this cake. but i could find it pretty easy between traditional cakes which are sold in the traditional market. this is basically a very simple cake to make, the batter is similar with most Indonesian steamed cakes batter, almost similar with sponge cake batter. flavored with pandan and finely grated coconut. i love this cake. i don't know why but when i eat this cake, i think this is the best cake to represent the taste of other indonesian traditional sweets. it is very easy to make with very simple ingredients to find in my country, but i don't know if you can easily find pandan leaves or suji leaves or even coconut flesh when you live outside asia.

now, let's go to the good news. starting from monday.. i'll be back to campus and my college life but with a very nice schedule. i have my class only for 4 hours monday til saturday, i can bake and make anything before or after class. so happy! i can be back on track and post regularly again with mostly 5-7 posts a month. yay! hopefully the assignments won't hold me hostage. that's the news i wanted to tell you and now without further ado let's check out the recipe..

Putu Ayu
yield 6 cakes

100 gr cake flour
75 gr sugar
1 egg
1/6 cup pandan and suji leaves mixture (see below)
1/4 tsp cake emulsifier
150 gr finely grated ripe coconut flesh
1 pandan leaf
pinch of salt

  1. steam the grated coconut flesh with salt and pandan until fragrant and the leaf has wilted. meanwhile, grease the putu ayu mould (or you may use donut mould) lightly with oil.
  2. remove the coconut from steamer and let cool slightly. once the coconut has cool to the touch, put around 2 tbsp into each mould and press it until it could hold its shape.
  3. with electric mixer, beat the egg and emulsifier until foamy, gradually add the sugar, continue beating until very light in color and fluffy. when you lift your whisk, the batter should fall back in a slow ribbon.
  4. gradually fold in the flour alternating with the pandan-suji solution. fold until just well incorporated.
  5. pour the batter on top of the coconut flesh in each mould. steam for about 25 minutes or until springy to the touch. remove from the steamer and let cool without removing from the mould.
  6. once the cake has cool down into room temperature, remove from the pan and serve.
pandan and suji leaves solution

5 suji leaves (suji is still one type with pandan leaf but it doesn't have the fragrance and it is greener, smaller, and shorter than pandan)
5 pandan leaves
200 ml water

blend all of the ingredients into a juicer. strain and take only the water.

so, i guess it's enough for today's post. enjoy the beautiful cake people!
thanks for reading!


  1. hadeeeuhh...I loooooveeee putu ayu, tapi di sini nyari dimana yah? gak bakat bikin yang beginian nih, fotonya menggoda selera banget hehe...mbak monica ikutan blog hop aku yuk...berkunjung balik yaa ke, blog hop-nya ada di Weekly Blog Hop your blog!

  2. Momon.... This is a dear traditional cake I grew up with. My grandma loves to make it at many occasions. The combination of grated young coconut flesh with pandan cake is just perfect! Especially when it is still fresh from the steamer :D (Who can resist it, right?)

  3. @Rina: hi Mbak Rina, makasih ya komennya.. :) lho, emg Mbak Rina tinggal dmn? hehe. oke2, i'll visit your blog soon yaa! thank you for the invitation..

  4. @Tabon: ta, maaf yaa br bales komen skrg.. :( yes, it's so perrrfect, i love it so much! round up qta gmn Ta? hehehe

  5. Putu ayu my favorite traditional cake.. your putu ayu look delicoius.:)

  6. Hey Monica, I don't have the mould. Do you think muffin pan work?

    1. hey.. i think it would work well too.. :) good luck!


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