Wednesday, August 24, 2011

decorating with fondant and a little news from me

hello readers! to be honest, i feel so bad for not joining giving my country any present on independence day. but i have an excuse and also a story to tell, i have planned my self to post a red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for independence day, it's red and white like Indonesia's flag. i've made it actually, i have baked it too, but i failed to serve it, ask me why.. the muffin pans fell down when i took it out from the oven and because the cake is still fragile when its hot, automatically all of them couldn't hold its shape and crumbs on my floor. i was speechless and just couldn't stop cursing my self that time. hahaha. as a result of that, i don't have anything to post for our Independence Day. yes, come on and blame me.

however, i have something to tell you as well. as some of you might have already known, i'm on my holiday now, a long holiday - but the weird part is i don't post much huh? it's all because i am so busy with my life now, i'm growing up now, i'm starting to do this and that for my future. thankfully, pastry is involved there. i am now working on an Event Organizer with some friends and starting to sell my cakes (email me if you look for some information). one thing that really occupy me on this holiday is.. i am now studying pastry in a pastry school for 3 months. soo.. it doesn't really mean that i am having a holiday, i'm still going to school, pastry school though. i am so grateful to finally have that chance. on the other hand, i will still pursue my college degrees which are completely on a different field and it will start again next month.

so, to make this long story short, i just wanted to show you some cupcakes that have been ordered by my friend. this is only my second time doing fondant decoration, quite happy with the result though. i still need more tutorial from the masters to make some other beautiful and cute designs like angry birds and so on. if i got the chance to post the step by step on making those fondant decoration, i'll post it right away. and don't forget to wait for the red velvet cupcakes because i will make it this weekend and post it as a present for Independence Day no matter how late i am. hahaha. and last thing, i'll be joining The Daring Bakers next month, wait for it!

sorry, no recipes today.. just bye bye for now.. :)
thanks for reading anyway..


  1. No worry Mon, you can post it as long as it's still August hahaha. So excited to hear that now you're attending pastry class; you must be very happy with that, congrats!!!! ^^. Yes yes yes, can't wait to see your creations with fondant. As my request, please make many cute designs hehehehe :D. Seneng yah kalo kita bisa menghasilkan rupiah dari sesuatu yang kita syuuuka ^^

  2. Omgg it's soo cute.
    I would feel so sad if I ate it case I love the design soo much. ;o

  3. @Tabon: hai Ta! :) thank you for your kind words, sorry for the late reply. haha. makasiii2.. Taaa, itu klo ak mau join red and white event dr Indonesian Food blogger gmn caranyaaa? hehehe. lgs post aja atau join group dl di fb? anyway, happy eid al-fitr Ta, mohon maaf lahir batin yaa.. :)

  4. @Czarina: thank you czarina! you look so beautiful! :)


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