Thursday, July 29, 2010

banana wraps

back with MasBar, it feels so long already after last month's edition and this month's edition is cooking with bananas. i made banana wraps this time, in my campus banana wraps are easily found being sold by the street vendor. it's really a simple dish.

until last month, mom and me went eating in a cafe. it also sell banana wraps, haha. we didn't buy it though, it will be weird to eat this banana wraps in that cafe. hehe. i am trying to make banana wraps by my self, without any recipe, just using my senses. i always feel proud when i can make a delicious food without any recipe. so does this time even this banana wraps are so easy to make.

banana is an all-season fruits, you can find them anytime. in my country, Indonesia, we can also find many varieties of bananas. different types of bananas can give different taste and texture to the food you make. if we want to fry bananas, we usually use 'pisang rajah' but when we want to mash bananas into cakes we will use another type. aah, i don't really know about this either. i'll tell you when i've known about it. hehe.

Banana Wraps
serves 10

10 sheets spring roll wrappers
5 ripe bananas
3 tbsp butter
generous amount of chocolate sprinkles
generous amount of grated cheddar cheese

  1. split bananas into half lengthwise until you get 10 slices of bananas.
  2. put one slice of bananas on one spring roll sheet. spread about 1/2 tsp butter on the bananas. sprinkle with chocolate and cheese. wrap carefully. repeat this step until all the spring roll wrappers used. 
  3. heat oil in a large skillet. deep fry the banana wraps two by two until golden brown. drain the excess oil. serve with sweetened condensed milk, grated cheese, and chocolate sprinkles.
that's all for today posts, thanks for reading people.. :)


  1. halooo Mon-mon...
    waaah.. samaan kita ya... Tosss...

  2. Emang bener Mon, bisa bikin makanan enak sendiri dengan resep ngarang itu rasanya luar biasa sekali. Serasa Bu Sisca Soewitomo aja jd kalah, hahahaha. Kalo jajanan satu ini emang jajanan anak kampus buanget deh, di sekitar kampus pasti banyak yang jual, apalagi harganya pas bgt buat kantong pas2an mahasiswa huehehehehe ^^

  3. Thanks ya Mon, udah ikutan MasBar :)

    ditunggu round-up & sampai jumpa di masbar berikutnya yaaa...

    salam masbar,

  4. @mbak deetha: hihi. iya mbak! toss.. :p

    @tabon: hahahaha.. iya nih ta, seneng rasanya. tp klo di sekitar kampus lebih pelit ya coklatnya.. hahaha.

    @masbar: sip! :D


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