Friday, April 30, 2010

almost cinnamon rolls

this time i made cinnamon rolls, honestly this is my 2nd time making cinnamon rolls. the first and the second attempt is not quite different. both of them are so hard to eat since the first one i killed all of the yeast in a hot milk (i didn't even realize i killed them until they refused to rise) and the second one i overbaked them. haha. disaster..

yes, i overbaked my cinnamon rolls today and i also keep questioning why i couldn't produce a huge risen cinnamon rolls like the store-bought one. is that because of the cuts or the rolling process or is it the yeast (again)? but i quite believe that this time i did better than the first, i did half the process pretty satisfying. ah, if only i baked it in the right time and not misread the recipe i am quite sure they would turn out good. and if you notice the picture below, it has some liquid under the cirolls, it's my (also) faux icing by the way.. haha.

i got this recipe from The Pioneer Woman through Bakerella. but i cut down the recipe for one serving only, thank God (i couldn't imagine if i made lots of them and none of them succeed). if you see the original recipe, they look very yummy aren't they? they're huge and i believe they have a soft texture just like Cinnabon's and don't forget the frosting, oh my it's so sinful yet mouthwatering. okay, i guess enough for the blabbering..

i hope you enjoying the almost cinnamon rolls i made, thanks for reading..

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  1. Looks so cinnamony and good kok Mon :D. Aku suka banget sama nama pangganan ini, langsung mengigatkanku sama salah satu tokoh Sanrio, Cinnamoroll hehe :D

  2. hihi. iya taa, cinnamoroll yg di sanrio itu lucu banget yaaa.. ak jg suka karakter2 sanrio. thanks for stopping by ya ta.. :))


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