Sunday, March 21, 2010

steamed (cup)cakes

lately these days, i don't know why i had a huge passion of making Indonesian cakes. so that.. yesterday, i tried making Potato Donuts but i don't have any report with me since i was not in the mood for taking pictures. today, i tried making steamed cupcakes/bolu kukus. i've never succeeded making anything steamed before, but in the contrary, i did it today. you can't imagine how happy i was that time, haha. even my parents laugh at me. that's why i really want to document everything here, yes here!

my dad once before when he was little had a little cake-shop, well actually it's my grandma's. as the result of that, my dad and aunts understand a bit on how to make cakes. the thing that i was going to say is, my dad gave me a comment for the steamed cupcakes, he said, 'you shouldn't be that happy, steamed cake is easy to make..' hahaha. i don't know if my dad's words are actually true, is that really true people?

well, i got the recipe from NCC mailing list. i guess the source come from Mbak Rina (click to see her blog..). i won't post you any recipe. the recipe is on Mbak Rina's blog, on her post called 'Bolu Kukus Mekrok'.

okay guys, i hope you also have a happy day just like mine.. thanks for reading! :)

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  1. eh, gak gampang juga kalo bikin bolu kukus.. haha. aku pernah nyobain tuh, tapi aku gak pake ovalet nya, nggak bisa bagus :(

  2. hehe. iya j, ak jg deg2an sendiri pas bikin, itu emg menurut Mbak Rina pasti mekar, jd yasudah ak coba yg aman aja.. hihi. besok2 br mo coba lg yg pake air soda. hehe. :)


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