Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Japanese Deco Roll Cake

well, aside from the cake i posted here, i have never really telling you what i've been busy doing lately in my life since i'm back to blogging so let me tell you now. i am currently prepping my thesis due in August whilst i'm planning on creating some business lines. i hope everything goes well and i wish all of you would wish me luck for those serious stuffs i'm doing. i really anticipate the outcome of those and hopefully i could tell all of you some great news soon!

i made this roll cake on KBB's challenge last year. i am completely in love with this cake, the texture and the lightness of it is just blowing me away. the making process couldn't be simpler and what i love the most is that you can add any of your favorite filling into this cake and decorate it any way you like, sky is clearly the limit.

my friend yesterday told me that most of the places she went to eat now serving some kind of roll cake for dessert, the japanese roll cake. no wonder about it though as it has the cloud like texture and not overly sweet, the signature style of japanese dessert. everything is just cuter and lighter in japanese dessert recipes. oh, and by the way, this is probably everyone's favorite Junko roll cakes recipes.

Junko Japanese Deco Roll Cake
Adapted from Junko Cookbook
through KBB

batter 1:
4 egg yolks
40 gr sugar
40 ml vegetable oil
60 ml water
80 gr all purpose flour

batter 2 (decor paste):
2 egg whites
15 gr sugar
10 gr cornflour
food coloring

batter 3:
5 egg whites
pinch of salt
50 gr sugar
1 tsp lemon juice / white vinegar
15 gr cornflour

150 ml whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp icing sugar
1/4 tsp salt
sliced fruits or chocolate


  1. batter 1: grease and line a 24x24 cm flat jelly roll pan with baking paper (you may want to draw some outline of your decor on the baking paper to make you easier piping the decor paste). using an electric mixer, beat egg yolks and sugar on medium high speed until pale and creamy. combine water and oil in a small bowl. add to beaten egg yolk mixture and whisk at low speed until just combine, sift in flour and whisk at low speed until smooth and evenly incorporated.
  2. decor paste: in a clean bowl, whisk the egg whites until soft peaks form, gradually add sugar, whisk until stiff peaks. scoop out 5-6 tbsp of batter 1 into the meringue, divide and color as you may for your suitable decor. piped onto the outlined baking paper according to your drawing. freeze for about 20 minutes or until stiff. meanwhile preheat the oven to 170*C.
  3. batter 3: beat egg whites, salt, sugar, and lemon juice until soft peaks forms. mix in cornflour. take out about 1/3 of batter 3 into the remaining batter 1. if you want to color the cake, add in food coloring into the batter at this time. fold with metal spoon few times to lighten the batter, fold in the rest of batter 3. fold lightly until just combined.
  4. take the pan out of the freezer, pour the combined batter into the pan and spread evenly taking care of not breaking the decor you have made.
  5. bake in preheated oven for 20-25 minutes. cool cake in the pan for 3 minutes and invert to wire rack. let cool completely before filling.
  6. filling: combine cream, vanilla, sugar, and salt. beat until soft peaks form.
  7. when the cake has cooled completely, position the cake so you have the non-decorated side at the top. spread filling evenly, then roll, using the baking paper as guide. cut and serve. i personally prefer serving it cold with ice cream.

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  1. All purpose flour itu yang mana ya mbak?


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