Monday, April 23, 2012

a macaron story and a plan for this week

here comes Monday! somebody ever said to me once, "you should be happy on Monday, it's Monica Day". that one liner really made me laugh pathetically that time. well, i don't really hate Monday, but knowing that your weekend is over makes it sucks. moreover, i have to study for my mid-exam tomorrow. that's why i'm here, with no recipe, just trying to find some distraction and a break from studying. hahaha. but wait don't close this tab, i do have some stories and a little sweet treat to share.

Odie Djamil's Macarons
(red: Marie Regal, orange: Mogador, caramel: Salted Caramel)

let's begin with the stories. i want to make a little confession here, for the time since i first started blogging, i've been trying to make macarons approximately more than 20 times. how many of them succeeded? 2. hahaha. the perfect one was hazelnut macarons with chocolate buttercream filling. sorry i have no pictures. i made them by the time i was soooo completelyyyy bored with blogging and taking pictures. i wish i could make them again though. however, this weekend, just yesterday.. i made another batch of macarons, italian meringue technique, they were pretty good looking but still wrong. i think maybe i overmixed them and it turned sticky. this week, i promise you i'll make it again and report them whatever the conditions are.. :D so to complete the title of this post, i have some list on what i want to make this week, hopefully i could execute most of them:

  • classic indonesian cheesecake
  • perfect macarons
  • french apple tart
  • gateau st. honore, and/or
  • paris brest

My Favorite: Marie Regal Macarons

and to satisfy me with those beautiful nibbles i couldn't make my own, i decided to taste one from the macaron expert in town. i have tasted some labels, some from promising patisseries, but this one is my favorite. :) this macarons is Odie Djamil's macarons, you could buy it by mentioning him on twitter (@odiedjamil). he has opened some macaron-making classes, most of them are hands-on, too bad i haven't got any chances to join his class. from the look, you can tell it is all neat and tidy and beautiful. from the flavor, i couldn't love it less, it is not overly sweet like most macarons are and the filling is flawless in taste. he also has some unique flavor selections such as salted duck egg, marie regal, thai tea, and any other regular taste like pistachio, salted caramel, lemon, mogador, etc. i ate only 3 flavors, mogador - marie regal - salted caramel, my favorite..... marie regal! when i taste it, it brings back some memories of my childhood that i couldn't recall. it has smooth taste, almost like a cheesecake base i usually made, but it has something deeper there. if you live here in Jakarta and around, you should at least try this one, i swear you wouldn't complain. 

so that's all i could ramble now,
let's meet again on thursday :)
thanks for reading and hope you all have a pleasant day!

Much Love,
Monica Adriana

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