Wednesday, April 11, 2012

100th post and hello again!

hello.. excuse me, do all of you still remember me? hahaha. i've been MIA for so long i couldn't even count again. but, this is my 100th post! :) but so what.. i've been neglecting this blog for ever. but this time around, i'll be back for good, real good. and this post is gonna be a long one, so sit at your most comfort position, blink for a while and here we go....

frankly, i almost gave up blogging a few months ago. don't ask me why, the reasons were pretty complex but fairly unimportant. however, i still made a lot of baked goods back then until now and to snob a little.. i am getting better than i used to be. so maybe i could promise you that you will be seeing a better cakes, better pastries from me, starting from today, here in my blog. oh, i just realized how i miss blabbering about stuffs in my blog!

if you have noticed, i made a major changes here in this blog. but in case you haven't noticed yet, let me tell you some of the changes i am planning to do:
  • this blog will soon change it's name from 'Mari Bermain di Dapur' to 'Deserve Desserts'. because it sounds a lot more sophisticated. hahaha. so regarding to it, there will be a change to the url. but i have owned those two addresses already for your convenience, therefore i guess you won't be too bothered with it. i'll tell you when we're officially migrating.
  • i am planning to post frequently, for example like twice a week, but this is still a maybe and a hope of course.
  • this blog will now be focusing on sweet things only.. but if i have to post something savory for an event or a community, i will still gladly post it, yay!
  • i will try to make and post some entremets this year.. wait for it!
  • i won't be too formal on writing this blog. i'll do it my style :)

and now, if you wondering why i am back blogging, i have the answer. it's a simple answer actually, because there are a lot of people who ask me to be back and keep on blogging *big grin*. and i also wanted to make this as my job so i have to be committed, more than before. from now on, hopefully i could present you better things in my blog. is it more beautiful than before? you answer.

no recipe today folks.. sorry! but i'm really glad to be back.
thanks for reading, have a superb day!

Much Love, 
Monica Adriana


  1. Hi there. I am glad you are here again. I like a lot the changes you have made in your blog, and I am eager to check and follow your new developments. Welcome back again.

  2. Hello there! :) long time no see, huh?! anyway thank you so much for your generous comment, it feels so nice to know someone's supporting the changes i've made. have a nice day!

    1. Momoooonnn............... Miss yuuuu ^^. Huaaaaa lovely new look >.<. Btw, aku tadi mo komen kok gak ada box commentnya yah? Makanya komen dimari :D. Yuhuuuuu happy 100th post dear! Sip2, Momon dah balik, gantian aku yang mungkin agak bakal MIA2 an hihihhii, IFP ada yang ngurusin hihiihihi ^^v. Mon, aku juga mau ganti template ke yang powered by blogger, tapi penampilan tetep. Soalnya feature bawaan template lama ada beberapa elemen yang blogger dan google dah gak support lagi hiks. Ajarin yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D *soalnya aku dulu nyari2 mau modif gak nemu pengkolan yang pasnya di HTML scriptnya yang tepat hihiihihi ;D

  3. Hi Taaaaa.. mis yuu jugaaa.. haha. thank you taa.. iya2, gpp Ta.. km mau kmn emgnya? sibuk yaa? hehe. ooow gituu, ak malah kyny blm powered by blogger deh, haha. tar km coba diskusikan sm aku aja Ta, mudah2an ak bisa bantuin. hihihi. yup2! IFP april - mei.. aku yg urusin :D you tenang sajo.. hahaha.


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