Monday, June 4, 2012

April - May IFP Round Up :)

Hello everyone! :) this month, i am helping Tata to be in charge of making IFP Round Up. it's been too long already isn't it? these pictures below are the collection of many many Indonesian Food that certainly tastes delicious! so, without further ado.. let's go!

Kue Lapis by Sefa Firdaus
this layer steamed cake looks so beautiful with its green and white color, and they taste delicious for sure, my favorite type of indonesian cake. check out the link and savor it yourself!

Pepes Jamur Tiram by Tika Hapsari Nilmada
pepes is one of traditional indonesian food. made by combining some protein and spices and then wrap it in banana leaves and then grilled. the flavor mends really well and so yummy to be eaten with warm almost hot rice. check it out with beautiful photographs from Cemplang Cemplung.

Tempe Chips by Tika Hapsari Nilmada
another entry from Cemplang Cemplung, it's a tempe chips. a healthy nibbles i guess! Indonesian really loves to do anything with tempe, it can be deep-fried, made into sambal, made into chips, made into everything with various taste and texture. one of them you'll see in this link, where it's made into chips.

Bubur Biji Salak by Pepy Nasution
and here's another Indonesian sweet dessert. what i love about Indonesian dessert is because we mostly use coconut milk in it which makes almost everything richer but not heavy as dairy cream. bubur biji ketapang is sweet potato balls in brown sugar and coconut syrup. believe me you'll like it, moreover after you see it yourself here.

Sambal Pegagan by Pepy Nasution
Indonesia mostly known by its spices and its sambal. we have enormous number of sambal from each of every tribes in Indonesia. not to mention each tribe perhaps could have more than one version of their sambal. in this post, you'll get to know better with Sambal Pegagan, which originated from Aceh, Sumatera.

Ayam Goreng Mentega by Tati Widarti
another thing about Indonesian food, so many influence play in our cuisine. starting from dutch - chinese - melayu. this one is one of Indonesian - Chinese cuisine. it's a chicken cooked with sweet soy sauce and margarine. love this!
Perkedel Kentang by Pepy Nasution
and this one is potato patties. we love to eat this as an accompaniment in our meal. please don't get bored if i say this is one of my favorite Indonesian food as well. because when you are asked to explain your traditional hometown cuisine, it's hard to just pick just one most favorite meal! you have to try this and know how tasty it is!

Durian Pancake by Pepy Nasution
another dessert, yay! this one has been a hit around lately. i don't know if it was even invented a long time ago before. but i just knew this sweets years ago and find it as (again) my favorite. i don't really love durian, but this one is an exception. i can eat it more than 3 in one time! really really want to try and make it my self later.. why don't you try to make it also, durian lovers?!

Es Teler by Pepy Nasution
oh my Gosh! please please please.. somebody should stop me from making this round up in the middle of the night. i am craving for all of the dishes here, now! es teler, what a super refreshing dessert of all time in my life, my number one favorite in Indonesian mixed ice. made from all of my favorite tropical fruit: avocado, jackfruit, young coconut flesh. served with shaved ice and sweetened condensed milk. i have to eat this tomorrow anywhere!

Mie Goreng by Pepy Nasution
fried noodle. well, many style we have. but this one is Indonesian style. we have it around asia and never can get enough of it. asian loves carbs! check this out and see what you have in mind about this beautiful dish.

Lodeh Nangka by Putu Winda
you may found this dish so often in every house dinner table. we all love this, vegetables in coconut milk soup. with spices and various veggies. easy to make, easy to eat! taste it!

Mpek Mpek Kapal Selam by Retno Prihadana
yumm! the oh-so-famous Indonesian fish cake. i am crazy for this! this is my big five favorite Indonesian dish. (pleaseeee, don't get bored with me saying my favorite, lol). this one is stuffed with hard boiled egg. you really should appreciate the making of Mpek-Mpek, it needs patience and takes a long time to make. check it out!

Sambal Pencit by Tika Hapsari Nilmada
and here's another version of Sambal! we love spiciness and from this sambal, you'll find another flavor aside from spicy. it has some sweet and sour taste because it is made from unripe mango. this sambal so match to be eaten with grilled fish or seafood. go go, taste this!

Ketan Rebon Gulung by Nicke JJ
too bad, this is another dish i have never eaten too. :( i wonder what it taste like.. sorry, no other explanation because i'm just too curious and want to jump directly to the post! come and follow me!

Sambal Goreng Ati by Wulan 
cheers to another type of sambal! this one made from chicken liver with chillies and sometimes potato. pairs well with Nasi Kuning (Indonesian Turmeric Rice). aaah~ i am craving for this and that, i hope checking out this post would ease my crave..

Lontong Lodeh by Dwee Dwek
wow, we have two kinds of lodeh in this round-up. this is another version, made by adding rice patties or lontong in the lodeh. check it out!

Lemper Ayam by Mama Elaine
you know what, this never gets old! Lemper Ayam, one of the oldest Indonesian snacks, everybody from every age are fond of this. love this so much and will never ever get bored eating lemper. learn to make it here..

Baro'Bo by Hesti HH
from the looks, i'm so sure i am gonna love it and it certainly looks so delicious, isn't it? but in fact, this just another dish i haven't eaten :( i hope i can find this around soon, so i can taste it and prove if i like it. but for now, let's just satisfy my self from Hesti's post :)

Apang Bakar by Hesti HH
really hard to say, i have never eat this too. and now i'm starting to feel sad and wondering how many Indonesian food i haven't eaten exactly! in the other hand, i feel so happy and proud as well that my country has too many dishes that are so unique and different. anyone wondering what is apang bakar just like me? visit here.

Dangkot by Hesti HH
well, this one is a new thing for me. to be honest, Indonesian food is crazily too much that i don't even have the chance to taste it all. there still so many dishes i haven't taste or eaten. dangkot is one of them, so.. without holding my curiosity and yours, let's go check it out right away here.

Botok Udang Tahu Tempe by Tati Widarti
in the beginning of this post, you've seen pepes. botok is almost the same as pepes. but they have different method of cooking. from all i know, pepes is grilled while botok is steamed. but... i'm not really sure if all botok are steamed and all pepes are grilled. hahaha. please anyone more expert, correct me if i'm wrong. and if you didn't even care about the difference, just check the link already.

Cantik Manis by Monica Adriana
and this one the latest, my cantik manis. you've seen it here before, but in case you missed it.. here's the link to my post.

sooo, last thing before i close this post.. to anyone of you who'd like to join this Indonesian Food Party event, send any of your Indonesian Food entry to us completed with link to your post and picture! our email: . just so you know, you don't have to be Indonesian to cook Indonesian food :) anywhere you are, whoever you are, we hold this event for Indonesian Food Lovers.. see you on the next round up!

Much Love,
Monica Adriana


  1. nice round up Monica.....akhirnya...tayanggg juga:)

    1. hahaha, maaf ya Mbak kelamaan disimpen round up nya.. :( semoga abis ini bisa lbh cepet ngeround-up. hehe. thanks for the visit Mbak Retno :D

  2. Wow ... what a great grouping of tasty treats :-)

  3. Waaaa....tumben Momon yang posting round-up nya :D
    Senang akhirnya semakin banyak yang ikutan. Semangat terus ya... !! Kita dukung dengan ngirim foto :p

    1. hihihi, iya Mbak.. Tata lg sibuk kayaknya.. jd bulan ini giliran aku yg nge-round up. oke deh mbak tikaa, ditunggu ya setoran selanjutnyaaa :D

    2. Wuih... Ini aku binggung mau komen gak muncul box nya ehe. Baiklah, lovely round up Momon! :D. Sengkiyuuuuu berat yaaak udah dibantu tayangin round up nya *kecup kuah hehehehe. Hbs ini aku tak woro2 di IDFB kalo round up nya dah tayang... Setelah itu aku tak ke Jogja dulu, refreshing, lama gak pernah liburan heuheuheuuuu ^^v.

    3. kenapa ya Ta km selalu ga bs nemuin komen box di blog aku sekaranggg? :( iyaaaahh taaaa, syamaaa2, seneng akhirnya ak bs useful jg.. hahaha. sipp non, selamat berlibur.. klo ada yg perlu kukerjain blg aja yaa! *kecup demek hahahahhaha


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